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Xanogen Secret to Massive Gains Before & After

Sex is already great, But Xanogen's erection chamber expansion technology helps you reach whole new levels of extreme erotic pleasure. The secret to Xanogen's power is in Xanogen's formula, which has been specifically developed to increase the length and girth of your erection and maximize pleasure in yourself as well as your partner.

It's like working out at the gym: when you lift weights, you can feel blood rush to your muscles. You feel your muscles growing, straining, becoming harder, larger and more powerful. With Xanogen, over time your erectile tissue will expand to hold your new, stronger erections. That's how you can add both length and girth to your erections.

Secrets To Massive Gains
How Xanogen Works for You

Women are attracted to a man with a bigger penis because they can sense the confidence and control these men project. A bigger penis is a complete lifestyle transformation. You'll start taking more risks, trying new things and making the first move. Sure, that all sounds amazing, but how does it work?



The increased testosterone super-charges your libido for massive boost in arousal, sensitivity and sexual pleasure for a night you and your partner will never forget.


powerful stamina

Meanwhile, the increased testosterone coursing through your body provides dramatic increases in stamina and endurance so you can go all night.


rock hard erections

As blood flow surges to the penis, the corpora cavernosa fill with blood, leading to a throbbing erection. The result: a bigger, thicker, harder erection you can see and feel.




When Can I Expect Results?
First Month


After daily use of Xanogen you will notice more powerful erections and improved girth. You know something is different.

Second Month


Your sexual stamina will improve and you will start to notice the Longer, Thicker appearance of your penis. Your package is starting look full and women are noticing.

Third Month


Massive results are achieved, meaning the biggest and strongest erections imaginable. You will have a hard time believing your eyes and so will she! Don’t be surprised if your latest conquest is bragging to her friends about your penis.

Average Percentage of Increase in Penis Size
over 6 Month Period

Average Effects Reported By Xanogen Users


Based on our feedback, our customers have noticed the increase in blood flow right away, while the testosterone boost builds slowly, over time. So while our customers noticed some gains right away with Xanogen, their results have continued to build the longer they have taken Xanogen.

The Most Powerful Ingredients

These pharmaceutical-grade herbs and compounds have been used for hundreds of years for their male enhancement properties. Order Xanogen today and get a measured dosage of each of these powerful ingredients for exactly the results you need!

Tribulus Terrestris

Long in use by Indian Ayurvedic practitioners, Tribulus Terrestris increases testosterone, raising the libido. The active chemical in Tribulus Terrestris is a cousin to DHEA.


For over 2,000 years, Epimedium has been employed as a sexual stimulant. As revealed in a 1984 University of Peking study, the active chemical in Epimedium has the same properties as Viagra.


Maca regulates hormones and enzymes and has been used for centuries by South Americans to treat problems associated with impotence, erectile dysfunction, and male infertility.


By relaxing muscles around blood vessels in the penis, this lichen increases blood flow into the erectile tissues, creating more powerful erections.




Sex Is Incredible

My boyfriend was always complaining about his size, and to be honest, sex had gotten a bit routine. I bought him some Xanogen and at first he was a little upset. After using it for a few weeks, he now thanks me every day as he gained nearly two full inches. The best part is, my boyfriend is a roaring tiger in bed now and the sex is incredible!

- Janet M. - Houston, TX 5 Star

Tested by Many Satisfied Customers
  • Craig - Trenton, New Jersey

    "As a man of average size, I always wanted a larger penis. Since using Xanogen, I have gained roughly 2 1/2 inches. I also hold an erection for much longer than before. This was a great side benefit my new girlfriend greatly appreciated!"

    Ray McMullen - Chicago, Illinois

    "I didn't know what to expect from Xanogen. Right away I saw a huge difference. So did my girlfriend! And she can't get enough."

  • Mike - Warren, Michigan

    "I got Xanogen because I wanted to stay hard for longer. The extra 1 1/2 in I gained was a bonus. I definitely get harder and last longer now, but part of it is now that I'm bigger, I don't have to do as much work to please women in bed. "

    L. D. Tuscan, Arizona

    "Xanogen has improved my sex life by leaps and bounds -- I just wish I can buy it by the truckload."

  • S. T., Seattle, Washington

    "I never knew what I was missing out on until I was able to gain an extra 2 and half inches in length! Sex with my wife has been like our honeymoon again, in fact, she begs for it now. I feel as sexy as when I was in my 20's and I am 47 years old!"

    C. H. Detroit, Michigan

    "I never thought penis enhancement products truly worked, but after gaining the inches I've always desired, Xanogen has made a believer out of me!"

  • M.O. Atlanta, Georgia

    "I bought a three month supply of Xanogen for my husband's 40th birthday and it has done wonders for him. He is walking with confidence once more and we have been able to rekindle the fire that we had in our youth. I would tell any woman to buy this product for her man!"

    T. S. La Fayette, Louisiana

    "I've tried jelquing techniques for a number of years but Xanogen supplied fast, noticeable results. I think I'll stick with this product and give my sore wrists a rest!"